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It is with sincere appreciation we share this post! For the attendees of that evening, all who gave their time to respond to the survey, our growing followers, and Community Thread for hosting this gathering.

Scrolling below you will find:

  1. SURVEY OVERVIEW (slide deck)

  2. SURVEY OVERVIEW (downloadable PDF)

  3. DISCUSSION (responses to Mark Wentzell's three questions)

Use this to foster ideas and engagement over the coming weeks, and continue to reach out us when ever compelled to do so.

Our next step is to explore FEASIBILITY...building on the survey, our discussion of November 9th, and the growing interest from you in the community.

Thank You!



(use arrows to advance slide deck)

SURVEY OVERVIEW - VCC Community Meeting Nov 9-23
Download PDF • 1.05MB



Following Mark's overview and initial thoughts from attendees, he facilitated open discussion around three questions...reactions to which are provided below.

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