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Initial Reactions at Da Vinci Fest

by DIANNE POLASIK, Board Chair

Da Vinci Fest is an annual community event celebrating art and science hosted by The Partnership Plan. At its core, it showcases the incredible talents and creativity of the youth who live in the St. Croix River Valley. Da Vinci Fest is open to anyone who lives within the boundaries of Stillwater Area Public School district, no matter what school they attend. With the addition of educational exhibits and demonstrations from area businesses and organizations, it has become a regional art and science extravaganza.

Valley Community Center Partners was one of the January 21st Da Vinci exhibitors. We reached out and asked kids and adults to, “Put a dot on the top 3 priorities you’d like to see in your community center.”

We also asked kids to ‘build’ their own community center and here are some of their works.

It was a great start to getting out the word about our vision. Join us and share your priorities or your story.

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